Amanda & Trevor

Amanda and Trevor met at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO. He was in her finance class and for over half the semester she adored him from the back of the room. Amanda and another friend knew they needed additional help before finals came around so figured it was the perfect excuse to introduce themselves to Trevor, the student with one of the best grades in the class. They went old school and wrote him a note and passed it toward the front of the room at the beginning of class. Trevor wrote back that he was open to helping them and Amanda thought to herself ‘we’re going to hit it off and this is the beginning of forever’. However, Trevor took tutoring very seriously and by the third session, she was convinced he didn’t like her so she stuck out the tutoring, got a good grade in the class, and wished him a great summer after finals.
About three months later Trevor texted her and asked her out for dinner. The rest is history! They have been together for seven years and are looking forward to many more.
Trevor proposed in August of 2017. They didn’t want to rush their engagement but when they realized their dream venue was booked for 2018, they decided a long engagement was the only way to go!
Amanda and Trevor got married on June 8, 2019. On their wedding day, they experienced wind, rain, hail and sunshine all within a span of 5 hours. During the ceremony, it started to thunder and the moment they walked back down the aisle, the hail started. After they signed their marriage license and walked back outside, there was a double rainbow. Perhaps experiencing all aspects of the season in a day is extra good luck?! Congratulations to Amanda and Trevor!
THEIA Style: Vintage Lanie Top and Dakota Skirt
Photography: Shel Francis Creative
Ceremony & Reception: Sanctuary Golf Course
Florals: Fairytale Floral
Bridal Boutique: a&be Denver

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