Lauren & Nick

Lauren and Nick went to Greece for a week in May of 2018. After spending a day of doing “touristy things” in Athens, they went to Santorini for three nights to be followed by Mykonos. The first day in Santorini they grabbed lunch and a bottle of wine in Amoudi Bay, and Lauren was sold on traveling to Europe.

What she didn’t know was this was a trip of firsts. This was her first trip to Europe as well as her first (and only) time to get engaged! The second day in Santorini the two went to Santo Wines for lunch and a wine tasting. Immediately walking into the venue Nick got really quiet, and was very concerned about the clouds that were impeding on the view from the cliff-side that was later supposed to be the sunset he would propose in front of. Fortunately the clouds cleared by the end of lunch, and the two were set to return for sunset.

Right before they pulled up for sunset, the driver handed Lauren a blindfold and told her to put it on. Lauren recalls thinking “am I being thrown off a cliff or what is going to happen?”. After walking down the walk way, which had seemed to take a life time under the blindfold, she removed it and opened her eyes to candles in the shape of a heart, dinner under a canopy, and Nick on his knee with a little blue box in his hand.

They got married on March 30th, 2019 at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, surrounded by family and friends. Congratulations to Lauren and Nick!



THEIA Style: Bruna Gown

Photography: Kristen Dee Photography

Ceremony & Reception: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens

Florals: Something Pretty Floral

Bridal Boutique: Lovely Bride Dallas

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