Timeless Treasures Inspire the Fall 2018 Collection

While visiting the "Salon Art + Design " show at the New York armory last November I was immediately drawn to the work of renowned French mosaic artist Beatrice Serre.

Two incredible wall hangings looked as though they came from a galaxy far far away.

Shards of black tourmaline radiated out from a mirror center, rimmed with clusters of naturally formed crystals and gold leaf nuggets, inlaid with 24 carat gold, like a cosmic sundial. Both ancient and futuristic all at once. Captivating iridescent hues of light sparkled, bouncing off the thousands of tiny mosaics that formed each piece.

Upon close inspection, the centers revealed a myriad of hypnotic colored bismuth crystals reflecting teals, greens, purples, violets and blues, yellows and golds.


From these two pieces the collection was formed.

Rich embroideries were inspired by the mosaics and bismuth crystals, with which we decorated bodices, necklines, sleeves, and open illusion backs. 

The otherworldly crystals inspired a metallic duo chrome iridescent sharkskin, which flashes shades of turquoise and ruby red, or tourmaline green and violet.

They colored our crepes and velvets in cosmic black, rich purples, deep burgundy reds and rich teals. 

Their modernity inspired clean silhouettes that followed the body closely, for the most part flaring away below the knee. There is  a nod to the 80's with a gleaming sequin jumpsuit and dresses with exaggerated sequined balloon sleeves.

THEIA Fall 2018 from THEIA on Vimeo.