The Making of Holly Taylor's Emmy Gown

When presented with the exciting opportunity to create a custom THEIA Atelier gown for Holly Taylor, images of sleek modern cool gowns immediately filled my head. I have dressed the stunning Holly on the red carpet before, and was thrilled to work with this hugely talented Irish actress again. (Holly’s Mom was born in County Tipperary in Ireland).


I sketched several gowns for our first meeting, spreading them across the showroom table with swatches of fabrics and embroideries. Holly was in heaven...which one to choose...there were so many she liked.

Should she go with the vivid geranium, or the sleek white column?  We moved in to my studio and draped Holly in the heavy white crepe, and a fastened a jeweled collar at her neck.

We decided on the white gown as staring back from the mirror, the movie star within radiated beauty, grace, sophistication and elegance. The high jeweled neck line is a nod to the regal Audrey Hepburn as she played the Duchess arriving at the Embassy Ball in "My Fair Lady”

The white sleek column with its high slit and open back sheathed in silk tulle with its exposed zipper, firmly plants Holly on a modern 2017 red carpet while the jeweled insects add an element of whimsy and youth.

It was a true honor to work with Holly on creating this gown for her. We look forward to seeing her step out of her limousine and allowing her beautiful pure inner light to illuminate the Red Carpet.

Scroll down for more photos on the making of Holly's custom THEIA Atelier gown.