The Making of a THEIA Bridal Gown

Step inside the doors of THEIA's design studio and witness the meticulous craftsmanship behind each of our bridal gowns.

Each season, my imagination  takes me on a journey as I dream up a new place to take my THEIA bride.

That inspiration is interpreted into the fabrics and in turn in to the dresses within the collection.

I surround myself with my fabrics and immerse myself in music letting my pen flow freely and the new dresses take shape.

Other times I play with the fabrics on my mannequin, and let each one tell its own story of what it wants to be.

The final sketches then are handed over to my super talented draper, and together we perfect the pattern.

From there my cutter works magic on the cutting table and the seamstresses, beaders and hand finishers create the meticulous final product that exactly reassembles the original sketch. 

Watch the process captured below and see the final results.

Videography by Cecile Delepiere


The Making of a THEIA Bridal Gown from THEIA on Vimeo.


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