Spring 2018 - The Morning Glory

For Spring 2018, the THEIA collection evolved and headed in a more youthful and modern direction. 

Inspired by flower’s beauty and colors, I wanted to imbue the THEIA girl with these unique qualities.  The Morning Glory specifically symbolizes tenacity and the pursuit of dreams. Morning Glories take each twist and turn in the road (or on the trellis) in stride and just keep on going. This is the key to their success.  

THEIA Spring 2018 Florals from THEIA on Vimeo.


Recognizing a shift in our consumer and an overall change in the eveningwear market, the THEIA collection looked to the Morning Glory both figuratively and literally. By incorporating more whimsical silhouettes, prints and feminine details, THEIA’s Spring 2018 collection seeks to appeal to a more youthful customer.

In a literal sense, the flowers can be seen printed on silky soft Charmeuse, whisper light chiffon and on Chantilly lace. The dresses are modern, soft and dreamy on pale blush grounds and others printed on a black ground have a Victorian edginess to them.


The Morning Glory Flower’s Message: Tenacity and tenderness in all things. Be gentle but strong in your endeavors with other people, animals and nature. Above all hold fast to your goals.