Shelter Island 4th of July Escape

During the summer, trips out to Shelter Island, nestled in Long Island  between the Hampton's and Greenport is the perfect 4th of July retreat. Once you set foot onto the ferry out to the Island, the weight of the world slides off your shoulders in to the bay.

Andre Balzacs Sunset Beach Hotel is fun for cocktails and a late diner Friday nights.
Saturdays are spent lounging in pools, that become impromptu pool parties as friends stop by, enjoying alfresco gourmet lunches of locally grown heirloom tomatoes, peaches, sweet corn, melons, while sipping ice cold Rose wines. Late Afternoon bike rides around the island on its deserted sun dappled tree lined county roads are idyllic.

In the evenings, friends gather yet again for relaxed dinners, rose champagne’s flow as we feast under the stars,  with conversation lasting long in to the night.
The annual 4th of July Fireworks viewed from Sunset beach are magical. Shelter Island is a paradise and one of our favorite havens on which to relax and unwind.