Fall 2017- Pearls of Wisdom

During these times of darkness and uncertainty, as we find ourselves in political and retail turmoil, designers seek to find ways to express themselves thru the medium of fashion, and keep their brands relevant and viable. The pearl came swimming in to my mind, just like the moon brings light to the darkness of the night sky.

Thus the precious pearl formed the basis of this collection.

The pearl’s unique properties imbue strength of spirit, integrity and purity, with the calming effect of balancing our Karma. These are the qualities I seek to drape the THEIA woman with.

The dresses are all about her, her dress is not a walking fashion billboard, but endeavor to empower her by shoring up her confidence from the inside out. The dresses are easy and comfortable to wear. For the most part they stretch with the ease of athleisure wear in supple velvets, and easy crepes.

The hand embroideries render them precious and unique. 

I stripped out the weight using tissue cloque’s, devore velvets and pleated chiffons


The Fall 2017 collection is glamorous, comfortable and aimed to provide women with a sparkle both inside and out.


THEIA Fall 2017 from THEIA on Vimeo.

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