Fall 2016 Inspiration

THEIA Fall 2016 is inspired by Joseph Paget Fredericks painting of Marchesa Liuisa Casati. The Marchesa swathed in blacks and ambers, illustrated against a burnished gold background, strolls across the canvass with her cheetahs.

This image inspired animal prints and jacquards slicked with black lacquered threads and gleaming gold lurex. Inky black velvet absorbing all light is the perfect contrast.

The eccentric Marchesa and her fondness for couturier Paul Poirets bold lurex jacquard patterns inspired our bold series of fitted dresses in bright gold's, silvers, teals, turquoises, and olive greens. The velvet coat she loved inspired a series of velvet gowns in burnt burgundy, deep teal, Ceylon sapphire blue, and ink black.


Casati's love of chunky costume inspired jewelry drips from necklines, and creates dramatic column's on long lean gowns; Dramatic bare backs, one tickled by an embroidered jeweled feather inspired by her dramatic feathered head dresses.


Bold , daring and sensual, THEIA for Fall 2016.

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