Behind the Scenes of our Spring 2019 Bridal Show

So much goes in to the making of our bridal show. We want to give you a little perspective of what happens behind the scenes... 
We get an early start, with an 8:30am call time for the models, hair and makeup teams. But first, some coffee! 
The stage is set the night before. Seating assignments are arranged for the editors, the runway is laid down and flowers by the talented Pascal Guillierme are given their finishing touches. 
While models are getting made up, Video Fashion interviews me about my inspiration for the show.
The talented makeup lead Susan McCarthy shares with them how she achieves the beauty for the show, and the amazing Linh Nguyen explains the steps taken to create the hairstyle. 
The models rehearse their walk to make sure we get the timing just right!
Dresses are steamed, and last minute alterations made before the models step out on the runway. 
Last minute touch ups for hair and makeup to make sure the girls are photo ready!
And of course, a last minute check of the cell phone! 
I take one last look at the line up.
We're ready to go!! Editors and photographers have all taken their spots, models are dressed, it's show time! Wish me luck!
 Photography: Eroula Dimitriou